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Quality and Productivity Commission



The Shared Practices Report highlights practices used by departments to solve problems, create cost benefits, and provide quality services.

The creative ideas and practices used by one department can serve as a guide for others.

2014 Shared Practices Report



28th Annual Productivity and Quality Awards Program

October 22, 2014

28th Annual PQA Home



12th Annual Leadership Conference

“Social Media: Bridging the Gap”

May 28, 2014

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Quality Matters e-News - A newsletter supporting managers and employees in promoting the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of County public service.  Published by the County of Los Angeles Quality and Productivity Commission. 

Quality Matters eNews – December, 2015



The Quality and Productivity Commission was proud to publish a history of the Commission, “County of Los Angeles Quality and Productivity Commission – 30th Anniversary.”

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On October 25, 2011, on motion by Supervisor Antonovich, the Board of Supervisors requested that the Quality and Productivity Commission submit a plan that would “assist in providing solutions to County departments currently working on a single web access point.”

Single Web Access Point for Los Angeles County



The Commission gathered together in February 2011 for a day-long Strategic Planning Retreat. They identified directions and goals that the Commission will implement in the future. After careful review, the Commission adopted the 2011-2015 Quality and Productivity Commission Strategic Plan.